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Yikes! Yuppies!

4 Apr

1980's YUPPIEThe ” Young Urban Professional Person”  aka the YUPPIE became the most desired and hated demographic since the hippies of the 70’s.   The word Yuppie rose to pop culture status after Jerry Rubin founder of the 70’s radical Youth International Party  “YIPPIES”  turned wall street stock broker organizing a business networking group at the fabled New York  disco “Studio 54” that played classical music during their meetings.

In the Early 80’s the Yuppie was something to aspire towards; a baby boomer, man or women in their 20’s or 30’s, well educated, professional, career oriented, socially liberal but fiscally conservative, possibly married with no children making them DINKS. (double income no kids)  typically white and living in large urban centres. This class largely would have been the preppies in their college or university years.

The Yuppie became the subject of many 80’s movies, Wall Street, Fatal Attraction and War of the Roses being the most successful and  loathed due to their characterization of the  yuppie lifestyle.  It was the lifestyle that eventually turned the word Yuppie into a negative stereo type and media target as they became synonymous  with;

Conspicuous Consumption

Career Opportunists with no real skills

Self Absorbed

Electronic Gadgetry

the 1987 Wall Street Crash and early 90s’ recession

Obsessed with Status and Outward Appearance

Neglectful of  Family to pursue money and career

Cocaine Use

1983 Yuppie Handbook

Yuppies gave rise to many of today’s luxury brands and fads that are now normal social activities. BMW, Volvo, Burberry, Channel, Polo, Ralph Lauren, Perrier water, yoga, massage, sushi, organic foods, day spas, high end  kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Time magazine wrote an obituary to the Yuppie in 1991 as a  backlash had made being a Yuppie unpopular and Yuppies after all just wanted to be popular regardless of what popular was.  The Yuppie class was the ultimate worst of the 80’s and has unfortunately made a small comeback in 2010/11

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