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Ronald “Raygun” Reagan

15 Feb

Voted into power in 1980 Reagan came to embody the conservative political shift  that was going on worldwide throughout the 80’s.  The former Hollywood actor was once head of the Actors Union and refused to name names during the McCarthy era, only to find out years later he was working for the CIA.  In his early years he was more succesful as an Advertising spokesperson than an actor. Under contract with General Electric he toured the country as their pitchman untill he was fired for discussing politics more often than the GE product line.  After 3 failed attempts at the presidency; he was thought to be to radical,  riding on the Iran/American Hostage crisis and the popular belief that Jimmy Carter was much too soft his style of politics would soon have the Americans fighting or covertly supporting corrupt Governments in one country or a Rebel Army in the next  in Afghanistan, Grenada, and throughout Central and South America.  He brought the world to the brink of Nuclear War in 1984 with the former Soviet Union as the doomsday clock was lowered to 2 minutes to midnight as he aggressively pushed his “Star Wars” missile defence plan.  He and his wife Nancy were also noted for the “War on Drugs” and the “Just Say No” anti drug campaigns. Reagan was the  major story in the 80’s and will be discussed greatly.

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