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She’s A Maniac!

17 Feb

This is how I remember Jennifer Beals in Flashdance 1983.

I’m sure there was more to the movie than this but at the age of 17 there wasn’t much else about the movie I can remember.       

Maybe for this also!


The movie spawned the fashion of over sized sweat shirts and leg warmers with a bit of help from Jane Fonda and the Aerobercise fad.  Hot on the heels of “Fame” 1980, Flashdance helped  to popularize the dance movie genre. Foot Loose, Heavenly Bodies, Breakin and Dirty Dancing  and many more were to follow.  The soundtrack had 2 hits: She’s A Maniac and Irene Cara’s What A Feeling.

Only 20 at the time of the movie,  Beals plays 18 year old Alex  who welds by day and dreams of dancing at a prestigous academy, while working as an exotic dancer but not the kind that actually strips.  As most dance movies there is not a lot of plot.  Still it was the 3rd highest grossing movie of 83.  Beals has continuously worked throughout the years, best known for her work on the L Word and starring in a new Police Drama entitled Chicago Code, premiering February 2011.

Jennifer Beals Chicago Code 2011

Jennifer Beals Chicago Code 2011


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