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80’s Teen Pop Stars

17 Apr

Justin Beiber

Justin Beiber

Nothing new here that was exclusive to the 80’s.  Teens and pop music have been around  since Frank Sinatra.  Long before the numerous American  Idol and  Americas Got Talent TV shows;  the Beibs, Miley Cyrus the Jonas Brothers and a hundred others there was Star Search 1983 – 1995.  With the assistance of the hot new media at the time the “music video” the 80’s managed to produce a few teen pop sensations. Without Twitter, You Tube and other social media sharing platforms to perpetually market the mediocrity of the talent  many to the 80’s teen stars shone brightly for a very brief time.


TIFFANY (Darwish)

The original 80’s singing star went by just Tiffany.  Not to be confused with the numerous other Tiffany’s that are around: Selby, Evans, Keys, Fallon, Mulhern, Taylor, Thiessen most of which appear to be Playboy playmates.  In 1987 Tiffany released her first album and had a a hit with the cover  “I Think We Are Alone Now”.  Like all great teen pop stars there were immediate follow-up albums in  88 and 89 but no more hits.  She went on to pose in playboy in 2002 and appear in 2007 VH1 Celebrity Fit Club going from 152 lbs to 124.


Tiffany hit single I Think We Are Alone Now


Debbie Gibson

Debbie Gibson made history the same year as Tiffany 1987,  as the youngest female (17) to write , produce and perform a #1 hit single on the Billboard chart.  Debbie had some talent recording 6 songs that made the top 10 in the late 80’s.  She continued into the 90’s without further hits.  She dabbled in  TV and Movies for the past 20 years and did record a hit in Japan in 2010.  Debbie also did the Playboy pose in 2005.  Debbie and Tiffany starred together in Mega Python vs Gatoroid 2011.

Debbie Gibson the 80s


Debbie Gibson 2005 Playboy



Bonus marks to you if  you remember Menudo, the Puerto Rican all Boy Band formed in the late 70’s reaching stardom in 1981 with the Album Quiero Ser.   Menudo is a popular Mexican  soup of jumbled bits from the cow’s stomach and possibly other parts explains the ever-changing line up of singers as they were kicked out upon  their 18 birthday. Menudo did not release an English language album untill a full year after touring the United States in 1983.  Ricky Martin is a Mendo alumni 1984-1989.  A total of  31 boys were part of the band between 1977 and 1995.  By the mid 90’s the   Boys were slightly older, up to 20 years in age and from many different Spanish-speaking countries.  It is unknown if any members have posed nude.

Menudo late 70s


Menudo with Ricky Martin

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