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Hair Bands

20 Mar


Every musical era has its corresponding hairstyle… Beehive, Pompadour, Afro, Mop Top, long, short, straight or curly but the birth of the music video pushed music and hair into a symbiotic art form.  The relationship between hair and music cut across all the music genres of the 80’s with one defining characteristic shared  “Big Hair”.   This led to the term “Hair Band” to describe bands that were noted as much for their hair as music.  Hair Bands are often singularly associated with Glam and Metal music but some of the best Hair came from the New Wave and Punk movement. Whether spiked, teased, gelled, mohawk, coloured, beaded or rat tailed the 80’s had a lot of hair.  Here are some of my favourites from bands that may have not gotten their full recognition in the 80’s.

Flock of Seagulls, Mike Score

Platinum Blonde

Mary Jane Girls

Kid n Play

Billy Idol

Twisted Sister, Dee Snider

Taylor Dayne

Boy George



Thompson Twins

Howard Jones

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