Meet the Blogger

The author of this Blog spent most of his teen years in High School during the Decade that gave us Punk, the Death of Disco, the Invasion of New Wave, Renewal of the Cold War and the Brink of Nuclear Armageddon, Rubicks Cube, Desktop Computers, Cell Phones the size of Shoes and the beginning of the Digital Age.   We are the true Gen Xers having just missed the Baby Boom.   We graduated High School and College/University with little or no computer skills and ran straight into the largest demographic ever recorded, the  Boomers and their Yuppie Lifestyle that dominated our early jobs, media and consumer goods; spawning the birth of unbridled capitalist greed leading to the  Wall Street Crash of 1987.  It was an era of  Social and Political Conservatism in Canada, USA and the UK, married with the religious right.   Still, it was a great decade no matter what side of the political or musical fence you ate lunch on.  You are now somewhere in your late 30’s to mid 40’s.  Some of us have newborn babies while others may be sending children to college.  Whatever your domestic situation enjoy this Blog, share it with your friends and kids.  I hope it brings many smiles and fond memories.  Oh yeah one last thing send me your comments and requests.  Long live John Hughes!

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