Teen Idols of the 80’s

26 Mar

Christopher Atkins, Blue Lagoon 1980

Teen Idols were not the sole domain of the 80’s, they have existed ever since  teens were invented.  The 80’s  probably did not have more teen  idols than other decades just an increase in ones with little talent fuelled by music videos, similar to any of  todays reality TV personalities.  A New medium always needs new content.

Christopher Atkins

Chris is an easy target as he is a two time winner of the Golden Raspberry Awards for worst

Christopher Atkins Playgirl

 actor in 1983 and worst supporting actor in 1989.   He did get his fair share of the spotlight in the early 80’s beginning with the Blue Lagoon starring alongside a teen Brooke Shields.  The plot as thin as Brooke’s string bikini has the two shipwrecked on a tropical island from childhood and eventually falling in love as they reach adolescents.  The topless, semi nude and nude scenes of both actors earned the movie an R rating, nonetheless it went on to do $58 million at the box office.

Other Gigs

Atkins went on to do a few more movies The Pirate Movie 1982 with Kristy MacNichol another teen star best remembered from her days on the TV show Family.  Despite her acting talent the movie flopped.  He posed for playboy twice in 82, did a full season 83-84 of the TV show Dallas as the young stud having an affair with an older woman and so the roles went.  Another movie playing a college student stripping his way through college; he was unable to find an acting gig where he kept his shirt and sometimes pants on.

After the 80’s

The curly blond hair, the result of a perm went darker and straighter. Numerous cameos on TV and bit parts kept him busy along with a few TV commercials.  A review of his acting bio claims over 50 acting gigs and reveals he is set to appear in 7 movies or TV shows in 2011.  DVD’s of his movies and autographed photos are available from his official website.   Only die hard fans should bother to click.

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