Freedom 30 Space Shuttle Retires

11 Mar

1981 Launch

January of 86, I was in Florida on my way to Mexico by motorcycle when I had the opportunity to see the space shuttle launch.  I had tickets to view the launch from the cape but the mission was scrubbed.  I ended up watching from a few kilometers down the coast a couple of days later as the extremely cold, and very early morning ride was too much to be repeated.  Two weeks later Jan 28, I was in Houston heading to the Mexican border when the shuttle Challenger blew up.  All 7 aboard were killed including the first and last civilian NASA  allowed into space  teacher Christa McAuliffe. The cause was later revealed to be linked to frozen o rings  from the unseasonable cold weather Florida was experiencing.  There were 5  shuttles altogether but another accident in 2003 involving the Columbia on re-entry left Endeavour, Discovery and Atlantis.  At  the tender age of 30 the space shuttle program is being retired, June 2011 is the last planned flight.    A total of 132  missions were flown with 32 taking place in the 80’s.  Another best and worst moment of the 80’s.

Challenger disaster January 28, 1986

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