Iron Mike

2 Mar

Born in 1966 Mike Tyson was on of the top sports stories of the 80’s.  At the age of  only 20 he was and still is the youngest boxer to ever be the undisputed heavyweight champion holding 3 title belts one from each of the major boxing associations.

With a lisp and a high pitched voice he was constantly getting into fights, by the age of 13 Tyson had 38 arrests.  Discovered in a youth detention centre by a counselor and trained by Cus D’Amato who later became his guardian upon  his Mothers death when he was only 16.

Robin Givens Controversy

Through 1985 -1990 Tyson was 36 and 0 in the ring, with many of these victories in the first round.  His success would not follow out of the ring.   A quick marriage to Robin Givens a 80’s model and actress ended in divorce in just 8 months, but not before crashing his Bentley while arguing with Robin, bribing the investigating officers with the car, crashing Robins BMW  into a tree, getting into a street fight in Harlem with a former opponent, accused of physically beating his wife during a Barbara

Mike with wife Robin Givens

Walters interview, a divorce played out in the media and financial problems as Robin tries to cash a $650,000 cheque.  In  91 Tyson is convicted of rape, serves 6 years, declares bankruptcy, converts to Islam stages a comeback  grossing $96 million and bites the ear off of Evander Hollyfield in a boxing match.. Mike goes on to do cameos in movies.  Mike Tyson was one of the greatest boxers that has ever stood in the ring  with his  best years in  the early 80’s.

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